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Oilfield, Refinery & Workplace Injuries

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Each year tens of thousands of men and women are seriously injured or killed in industrial accidents. On America’s Gulf Coast these events often occur in refineries or at construction sites. When such life-altering events occur, it is critical for the injured person or family of the deceased to retain counsel as quickly as possible, because the liable companies are certain to immediately begin their own accident investigation.

For over thirty years Richard Schechter has represented hundreds of men and women injured at work. Their claims have arisen from tragic explosions and flash fires, mishandled and improperly maintained machinery, inadequate safety training and equipment, and improper monitoring and compliance with contractual provisions. These cases are complex, often requiring experts in refinery and construction safety. They also require a lawyer like Richard Schechter, one experienced in obtaining and presenting compelling evidence to establish liability and the extent of the injury.

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