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Faulty Tires Cause More Deadly Vehicle Accidents Than Cell Phones

The NHSTA reports that about 500 people in the United States are killed every year in vehicle accidents involving cell phone use. The agency also reports that about 700 people are killed every year in vehicle accidents involving tire failures. That’s 40 percent more fatal accidents caused annually by tires.

Tires can fail for a number of reasons. The tread might be worn down too far, the tire might have a nail or other object stuck in it, or the tire might not have been properly maintained. Any of these reasons can result in a blowout or other mishap that causes a driver to lose control, and a loss of control can easily cause an accident.

Manufacturer Tire Design Defects

There is, however, another cause of tire failure that tire manufacturers try to keep hidden – tires that are defectively designed or made. Design defects may include lack of a nylon cap ply, inadequate belt edge protection and inadequate inner liner composition or thickness. Manufacturing defects may include an unclean process that allows for contamination, improperly made belt splices and defects in the steel belts.

Tires may also be improperly repaired. A repair shop may have repaired a leak with only a patch or plug, instead of a combination plug and patch. Repairs may be made to damage outside the “repairable” zone, leaving the tire prone to losing its tread.

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Usually, when a tire fails, it causes a sudden jolt of the car and can send the car veering to one side or another. If the driver does not remain calm or know how to handle the situation, a crash can quickly become imminent. Tire failures are especially dangerous on busy highways and interstates, where drivers are traveling at high speeds.

Tire failure may result in death or serious injury

While regular checks and maintenance can help preserve the life of your tire, it cannot detect internal defects in the design or from the manufacturing or repair process.

If a tire failure led to the death or serious injury of a loved one, it is important to identify what caused the tire to fail so that appropriate action may be taken. To help you identify what caused the failure and who to take action against, it is important to hire an experienced attorney that knows the laws regarding defective tires.

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