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Toyota Tacoma Transmission Problems?

The Law Office of Richard Schechter has been monitoring and investigating claims of faulty or defective transmissions on all 2016-2018 Toyota Tacomas. To our knowledge, Toyota has yet to issue a recall for this problem. We at the Law Office of Richard Schechter understand that you paid good money for your vehicle and expected a quality product in return. You should not have to spend money to repair or replace parts that should never have failed in the first place.

What is Wrong with My Transmission?

While our investigation is still in the early stages, it appears the specific problem can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Some complaints involve the transmission sticking in a lower-than-normal gear on the highway and/or refusing to shift when appropriate, while others have said that when they put their vehicle into gear after it has sat for several hours, the truck will simply not go into gear properly, requiring several attempts to get the vehicle to move at all.

I want to fix my transmission. How can I protect myself if there is a lawsuit or recall in the future?

Our investigation has shown that the most common course of action taken by Toyota for these transmission issues is to update the ECU (Engine Control Unit). We have not yet been able to determine if Toyota is charging customers for this update or not; however, according to carcomplaints.com, on average the failure is occurring at approximately 5,400 miles. If you decide to have the vehicle repaired, the most important thing you can do to protect yourself should a lawsuit or recall occur, is keep any parts that are replaced and/or any receipts or work orders you receive in a safe, environmentally controlled area.

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Why the Law Office of Richard Schechter?

Mr. Schechter is a trial attorney with decades of experience in courtrooms across the country and has represented individuals from around the world. In 2018, our firm filed several class-action lawsuits across the country against General Motors for faulty A/C systems in several 2014-2016 GMC, Chevy and Cadillac models. Our firm was also selected by multiple state-government entities to represent them in the ongoing opioid litigation across the country.

At the Law Office of Richard Schechter, we treat you like family because we genuinely care about your case. We have a passion for justice and will fight on your behalf to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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