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What Is Maritime Law, and What Is a Maritime Attorney?
what is maritime law?

If you spend a lot of time on the ocean, lakes or rivers—whether for work or fun—you may run into a legal issue at some point. That’s when you’ll need the help of a lawyer who practices maritime law. So, what is maritime law exactly, and what does a maritime lawyer do? Here’s what you should know about this particular type of law.

What Is Maritime Law?

Maritime law encompasses all the laws that govern injuries or deaths on navigable waters. This covers everything from injuries on cruise ships to tankers to tugs and jet skis. Some refer to it as maritime admiralty law, and a case of this kind could end up in either federal or state court, depending on the circumstances. Regardless, it’s essential to hire a Houston maritime lawyer like Richard Schechter if you want a professional handling your case.

Does Maritime Law Apply to Lakes and Rivers?

Maritime law typically applies to events that occur on navigable waters, whether someone is on a cruise ship or tanker on the ocean, or on a tugboat, oil rig or jet ski on one of the Great Lakes or a major river.

What Is a Maritime Attorney?

It’s the job of a maritime attorney to stay updated on the details of maritime admiralty law. After all, few people—including other types of lawyers—are aware of the intricacies of maritime law. Whether you were injured while unloading cargo from a ship or you’re trying to get justice for a loved one who was killed at sea, you need legal advice that only an experienced maritime lawyer can provide.

What Does a Maritime Lawyer Do?

The type of assistance you get from a maritime lawyer will depend on your case. For example, if your maritime admiralty law case involves an injury or death at sea, your lawyer may identify and interview witnesses. They can also negotiate settlements out of court, file a lawsuit on your behalf, argue the case if it goes to court, and draft and review paperwork. You can find out more about what a Houston maritime lawyer can do for you when you get a free consultation at The Law Office of Richard Schechter, P.C.

Types of Claims Under the Maritime Admiralty Law

Most claims about maritime admiralty law involve wrongful death or personal injury. However, some claims may also include issues like damaged cargo, oil spills, water pollution and more. Essentially, if there is an issue with a vessel on a body of water, maritime law covers it.

How to File a Maritime Injury Claim

If you were injured or lost a loved one at sea, or on one of the United States’ lakes and rivers, your first step should be to contact a maritime attorney who will examine all details of the case and then guide you through it. Once you hire a maritime lawyer, your lawyer will help you determine who is at fault.

For example, if you were a passenger injured on a cruise ship, your maritime lawyer will take the necessary steps to contact the cruise line, so you can get the compensation you need. Similarly, if you were injured while working on a boat, your attorney will begin the process of obtaining compensation for you from your employer.

Whether your case results in a settlement or ends up in the courtroom, you’ll be glad to have a Houston maritime lawyer on your side from start to finish. Richard Schechter has been working with maritime admiralty law for more than 35 years and can confidently handle your case. Contact The Law Office of Richard Schechter, P.C. today for legal advice.


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