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Defective Products

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Manufacturers and sellers of merchandise generally provide their customers with safe products that perform as intended. But sometimes the products provided are simply unsafe. In too many instances these defectively designed or manufactured products result from a rush to get the product to market, a failure to observe local, state, or federal safety regulations, and/or other negligent or wrongful acts. The impact of these unsafe products can be wide-spread, significant and devastating.

For over thirty years, the Law Office of Richard Schechter, P.C. has represented individuals and companies who have been injured or damaged as a result of defectively designed or manufactured products. Among the cases our firm has handled are those involving design and manufacturing flaws on motor vehicles, tires, forklifts, fuel and propane tanks, cranes, oil derricks, boats, heavy equipment, oilfield and industrial tools and machinery, light fixtures, and household appliances.

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