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Trucking Accidents Lawyer

Trucking Accidents Lawyer

Railroad Accident Attorney in Houston Texas

America’s railways are essential to the transportation and distribution of goods and materials around the country.

Those working in the railroad industry have a special law that protects them: the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). Enacted over 100 years ago, this law was designed and still serves to secure railroad workers’ legal rights.

What is the Federal Employers Liability Act?

Passed in 1908 and upheld today, the Federal Employers Liability Act is meant to protect and fairly compensate railroad workers who have been injured while on the job. For the FELA law to apply, the injured worker must prove that negligence by railroad was at least part of the cause of their personal injury.

Handling these cases is not for every lawyer. The FELA and other laws affecting railroad workers and railroad claims are unique, detailed and often involve specialized federal rules and regulations.  Further, the work that many railroad employees perform is very specialized. This means success in handling FELA and other railroad litigation cases requires a thorough understanding of the relevant laws as well as the actual details of the work performed by the men and women employed through our nation’s railroads.

The Importance of FELA Accident Lawyers in Houston

Richard Schechter has personally handled and tried a number of FELA cases filed across the state of Texas on behalf of railroad workers and their families. He is intimately familiar with the FELA, the numerous applicable federal rules and regulations, and the contracts with the railroads, each of which has a significant impact on litigation involving railroad employees. Contact railroad accident lawyer Richard Schechter, P.C. today for a free consultation regarding your FELA claim.

Railroad workers help ensure the safe passage of dangerous chemicals and heavy equipment. This is important not only for anyone working in these related industries but also for residents of the greater Houston area who would be affected by any sort of chemical spill. The effects of safe railroad practices can actually have far-reaching and lasting consequences, whether one realizes it or not. It is critical that railways avoid the prioritization of profits over the health and safety of human lives.

Houston is recognized as a global leader in the energy industry, especially for oil and natural gas production and refinement. The area’s petrochemical success is closely tied to shipping within the Port of Houston as well as the surrounding railroads that support the transportation of goods.

Houston is home to several industries that all require mass transportation of raw materials. Many chemical plants along with oil and gas companies in the greater Houston area are serviced by at least one railroad. Workers in these Harris County locations frequently deal with railroad cars being switched in and out to transport heavy goods, which can present unique dangers.

Operating Railroads Within The Houston Area

After extensive corporate mergers over the years, the Houston area railroad industry has been consolidated into a handful of major competitors, including:

  • Amtrak
  • Burlington Northern and Santa Fe
  • Houston Port Terminal Railroad (TexMex/KCS, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Union Pacific)
  • Kansas City Southern
  • Union Pacific

Get Legal Representation from an Experienced Railroad Injury Lawyer

Richard Schechter has experience with several cases within the state of Texas, representing railroad workers and their families. Because of his knowledge of FELA, its surrounding federal rules and regulations, as well as the existing contracts between workers and railroads, Richard Schechter is distinctly suited to impact litigation that involves employees of this particular industry.

In addition to representing railroad employees, Richard Schechter has represented non-employees in suits that arise as a result of automobile-train collisions at crossings as well as failure of railroad companies to properly secure cargo and trailers.

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