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The Law Office of Richard Schechter, P.C. handles a diverse range of litigation, from Jones Act, maritime and federal statutory claims to all types of personal injury cases and business disputes. Although we are based in Houston, we have represented clients from across the United States as well as several foreign countries, and have been asked to handle cases by lawyers from around the world.

We believe that what sets us apart is our approach to cases and the way we treat our clients. We accept only a select number of cases, focus on them exclusively, and try to treat our clients like family. We listen carefully to understand the needs of our clients and work to pursue their best interests.

Among the type of cases we handle are: trucking accidents; Jones Act, unseaworthiness, and maintenance and cure claims; breaches of contract and indemnity agreements; bad faith failure of insurance companies to pay benefits owed under insurance policies; auto-collision cases; products liability actions involving diverse products including tire failures and de-treads, forklift overturns, golf cart accidents, seatbelt and airbag defects, and equipment failures; refinery explosions and injuries; and construction-site accidents. In addition to appearing in courts all across Texas, we have handled lawsuits in association with local counsel in Florida, Louisiana, California, New Mexico and Mississippi.

At the Law Office of Richard Schechter, P.C. we have a passion for justice and a commitment to our clients and their causes. Please come on in, browse, and contact us if you think we might be of help to you.

Our Team

Richard Schechter - Attorney
Alyce Young - Firm Administrator/Paralegal
Zach Young - Legal Assistant
Lydia Castorena - Office Assistant
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