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Defective Product Attorney in Houston Texas

Every year manufacturers and sellers of merchandise place tens of millions of products on the market in the United States.

They range from large items like cars, planes and televisions, to smaller items, like medications and food. Usually, manufacturers provide us with safe products that perform as intended. But sometimes we receive defective products that do not function as advertised and are simply unsafe.

If you or a loved one are seriously injured by such a product, you will need a product liability attorney with experience in product liability law and handling cases involving defective products. The Law Office of Richard Schechter, P.C. has handled Texas product liability law cases as well as cases in other states.

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Texas Product Liability Law

Each state has its own product liability law, but all state laws basically provide for three types of product liability claims that may require a product injury lawyer, and they each center around the question of whether a product is unreasonably dangerous.

Design Defects

This type of liability arises when a product is defectively designed. Under Texas law a product is considered defectively designed when there was a design defect in the product, the defect caused an injury or death, and there existed a safer alternative design that was both economically and technologically feasible when the product was made. Proving such a case requires an experienced product liability lawyer who has handled many such cases and who is comfortable working with scientists and engineers in order to establish the defect and prove a safer alternative design.

Houston product liability lawyer Richard Schechter has worked with various types of engineers from around the United States, including metallurgists, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers, and fire and explosion experts to prove design defects in dozens of products ranging from cars, trucks, vans, refinery piping, oilfield equipment, chains, tools and household appliances. Personal injury lawyer Richard Schechter has handled cases throughout the State of Texas and in other States.

Manufacturing Defects

This defect arises when the product is defective due to an error in the actual making of the product. Manufacturing defects may only surface in one product of an entire line, or the defect may appear in many of the products due to some type of flaw in the manufacturing process. Defective manufacturing takes root most frequently in the factory setting.

For example, a vehicle may be missing a vital part, or perhaps playground equipment possesses a crack in the slide’s ladder rung. In these types of claims and cases, the injury must also be caused by the defect. Because of the nature of these defects, the product liability attorney who handles the case must be experienced in working with engineering experts to diagnose the cause of an injury and determine whether that defect was due to a design or manufacturing error.

With over thirty-five years of experience in handling cases involving personal injuries or wrongful deaths caused by defective products, Texas product liability attorney Richard Schechter can assist you and your family in understanding your legal rights and prosecuting any claims you might have.

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Marketing Defect

A marketing defect arises when no warnings or instructions, or inadequate warnings or instructions, are given with respect to a product, and this failure creates an unreasonably dangerous condition with respect to use of the product. Usually this type of product liability claim involves an item that poses danger to the user that is not obvious.

For example, the product may fail to require specific precautions during use, such as a pain reliever label that does not include information about severe side effects that can occur if the medication is taken with another commonly used drug; the consumer may have a claim if they suffer an injury as a result of the medication. Marketing defect cases not only require experts in engineering and/or the sciences, they often require human factors specialists who can analyze the dangers posed by a product and evaluate whether the warnings given were proper. Houston product liability attorney Richard Schechter has successfully handled a number of cases involving the failure to provide adequate consumer warnings or instructions.

From defective infant seats to medications prescribed without proper warnings to automobiles susceptible to rollovers, Richard Schechter is a defective product lawyer Houston can depend on to evaluate and handle product liability cases involving products that are unreasonably dangerous and unfit for purchase and use.

Damages Recoverable Under Texas Product Liability Law

A victim of a defective product may recover damages from the product designer manufacturer, or seller, if it can be proved the product was unreasonably dangerous and caused an injury. Damages recoverable include:

  • Past and future wage losses, as well as loss of earning capacity;
  • Medical expenses, past and future; and
  • Physical pain, mental anguish and physical impairment.

As your defective product attorney, Richard Schechter will work to ensure the defendant is held responsible for your damages.

Product Liability Lawyer

If you’re searching for a product liability attorney, look no further. For over thirty-five years, the Law Office of Richard Schechter, P.C. has represented individuals and companies who have been injured or damaged due to defectively designed or manufactured products. Richard Schechter is a product liability attorney Houston can rely on. Manufacturers will do everything in their power to avoid liability. It is imperative that you have experienced representation that matches theirs.

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